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Welchen Einfluss hat künstliche Intelligenz auf unsere Wirtschaft?
Interview: Viele reden über KI & Machine Learning, aber kaum einer versteht es. Was es wirklich damit auf sich hat und warum es eigentlich nichts anderes als Statistik ist, verrät Mathias Lau in einer neuen Folge Different.
Predictive Maintenance w/ Federated Learning
Blog post:: Sometimes direct data access is not feasible or allowed - but machine learning is still possible. This blog post describes a use case about predictive maintenance with a privacy preserving implementation using federated learning.
Verteilt, Remote + Homeoffice
Podcast: Matthias Lau, Ole Michaelis and Judith Andresen talk about the work in distributed teams and the differences between "remote work" and homeoffice.
Fragmented Web Design
Talk:: Think different - Build for all Devices
ShopTechTalks #3: Responsive Webdesign
Podcast: In diesem Podcast unterhalten sich Roman Zenner und Matthias Lau über das Thema Responsive Webdesign.
The Big Picture: Responsive Images in Action
Talk: Although responsive designs are already state-of-the-art in web development the whole trend still is in its infancy. After this talk you should be able to choose the best fitting responsive image solution for your project.
Matthias Lau
Paul Baumgarten
Felix Ude
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